Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

ExperDex offers a complete suite of Human resources information system tools. Which includes Employee information, Online Leave management, recruitment management, performance evaluation, Employee Self Service, Reports, time & attendance etc.


Effective management of your crucial organisation asset.


ExperDex HRIS is a flexible, scalable and integrated ERP.



Personal Information Management

Included with the base system, the Personal Information Management (PIM) module of Experdex HRIS helps you develop a centralised employee database with ease. Enjoy fast, efficient access to your information through selection and filter criteria you create. Marshalling data from diverse geographical locations for use at your fingertips, this module pairs powerful capability with an intuitive interface.


  • Personal Details 

  • Profile Picture

  • Contact Details

  • Emergency Contact(s)

  • Dependents

  • Immigration Details

  • Job Information

  • Salary Information

  • Employee Reporting Structure (Assign Supervisors and subordinates)

  • Qualifications

  • Memberships

"Staff can update the personal information and view of their own reports." 

Leave / time-off management

Configure the Leave/Time off management module of ExperDex HRIS to suit your local and international policies, dates and calendaring system. This adaptable module creates reports using select filters, generates CSV extractions and allows you to receive automatic E-mail notices for employees on leave.


The comprehensive leave module with extensive possibilities of defining leave types and more. It caters for all application and approval on line process and is liable to display information on leave entitlement balance, it significantly streamlines all leave related procedures, eliminate paperwork and save costs.


Use the Leave/Time off Management module to process employee leave requests with ease. This highly flexible module integrates calendaring and company leave policies to support and monitor employee time off. Whether you need to generate graphical reports or program automatic E-mail notifications for staff on leave, this module meets your needs.



  • Automated Leave Policy Enforcement with zero errors

  • Periodic Accruals & Carry Forwards Eliminate manual data entry

  • Online visibility saves Employees & HR time spent in handling leave

  • Fast application and approval process for improved discipline and employee satisfaction

  • Plan & manage employee availability and nominations during absence

  • Instance leave reports for quick decision making


System Administration and user roles

Aimed at the HR manager serving global enterprises, the System Administration module offers you stable, centralised control of your core HR functions. This module includes an extensive set of tools to provide, manipulate and extract the data you need to create a secure, highly functional HR environment.


  • Ability to reset their own password.

  • Custom Email alert

  • Update the photo

  • Personnel Profile

  • Export to Excel, Pdf and word

  • Immigration Details

  • Different level of access

"Administrators can create custom user roles with predefined privileges for specific."


Payroll module generates the financial aspects of employee’s payment, CPF deduction, gross and net pay. It generates pay-slip at the convenience of a mouse click.


ExperDex HRIS capture salary component and related details as per Singapore standard and will allow HR personnel to process salary per location or sub-entity securely by respective HR personnel only. The system will allow processing of payroll every month at any time or even for the past month for those hold account or employees.


After the Payroll process, the system will allow HR personnel to audit payroll and then proceed with pay slip generation. Pay slip will be customised as per customer standard. If there is any custom detail that needs to be filled for a particular employee, the system will allow HR personnel to change/amend payroll and generate pay slip accordingly.


  • Salary Component and Details

  • Payroll processing

  • Approval

  • Pay Slip Generation

  • Comprehensive report

“A section accessed by staff to print their own payslip.”


Recruitment module help to track recruitment process effectively. The following information can be captured.



  • Job Vacancy

  • JD management 

  • Application forms

  • Email notification

  • Candidate management

  • Approval process


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